Mike Mongiello is an Independent Cymbalsmith hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began his journey as a maker after obsessing over his own cymbal sound palette while playing in bands across many styles for over 20 years. 

Having no prior experience in metalworking, Mike began creating exclusively in the stainless steel format to teach himself the basics of cold-impact shaping. Before long he graduated himself to work in Turkish b20 bronze, attracting the attention of Master Cymbalsmith Francisco Domene, who extended an invitation to study traditional methods at his factory in Avaré, Brazil.

Now, operating in a small workshop in South Philadelphia, Mike crafts each instrument from start to finish by hand with the finest materials available. 

After years of blood, sweat and bronze, having sold hundreds of cymbals to drummers all over the world, Mike Mongiello is proud to be one the few full-time professional Cymbalsmiths currently working in the United States.